Uhura Solutions | The Future of AI in Finance
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A new era of digital business is emerging

Gartner has predicted that in the near future, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. Businesses that fail to prepare for this future now face a severe risk of being left behind by their competitors. With the new era of digital business emerging, we want to empower companies to deliver exceptional customer experience by using the power of AI.

Our solution

We help financial institutions significantly speed up review and decision-making process using cutting-edge AI technology that reads and understands customer contracts just as humans do.

AI engine

We have successfully developed integrated vision and language processing functionalities: an engine that uses vision processing to read contracts and agreements and natural-language processing to understand the meaning.


The key feature enables reading and understanding documents (PDFs or scanned contracts and agreements). We not only extract and summarize key terms and clauses, but also reduce human error by reviewing large quantities of data and provide insight and clarity to simplify the decision-making process.

Uhura Solutions is part of the 2018 Tel Aviv cohort of the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars, the most prestigious Fintech accelerator. The program offers unprecedented access not only to Barclays, one of the world leading banks, but also to Techstars international mentor and investor relationships.

From personal loans and mortgages to basically every other financial dealing you can imagine, sometimes we need a little help – Djuro Stojanovic, Uhura Solutions CEO on ILTV.tv

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