Uhura Solutions | The Future of AI in Finance
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A new era of digital business is emerging

One of the greatest challenges that financial companies face is manual processing of contracts and agreements. These contracts often lack uniformity and are difficult to organize, manage, and update. Most firms don’t have an efficient way of extracting all that data. Instead, a considerable amount of manpower is required to draft, execute, and analyze contracts.

Our solution

We help financial institutions speed up review and decision-making processes significantly by using an AI platform that streamlines the process of analyzing and drafting contracts and agreements. We use cutting-edge AI technologies such as vision processing to read contracts and natural language processing to understand the meaning.

Key features

Because our software trains its algorithm on a set of data to recognize patterns and extract key clauses, it allows clients to manage contracts more effectively. The software is able to read contracts accurately in many formats and provide analytics about the data extracted.

The solution lets companies review contracts more rapidly, handle vast amounts of data more easily, and negotiate and execute a greater number of contracts. Our software can quickly sort through a large volume of contracts and flag individual contracts based on firm-specified criteria.

The software enables intelligent contract development, whereby the drafting process becomes faster, smarter, and easier. The solution allows clients to draft contracts more quickly, organize large amounts of contract data, and increase the volume of contracts they are able to prepare and execute.

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From personal loans and mortgages to basically every other financial dealing you can imagine, sometimes we need a little help – Djuro Stojanovic, Uhura Solutions CEO on ILTV.tv

Ready to take a closer look?

Check out this 3-minute video to see the Uhura platform in action!