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The platform automatically extracts key data points, recognizes patterns, and classifies documents. It reads contracts accurately in many formats, organizes large amounts of contract data, and provides analytics about the data extracted.


The platform lets companies review contracts more rapidly, handle vast amounts of data more easily, and manage contracts more effectively. It quickly sorts through a large volume of data and flags contracts based on defined criteria.


The platform enables intelligent contract analysis, whereby the reviewing process becomes faster, smarter, and easier. Our software understands the contract language and the meaning of clauses, with output logic defined by the client using the graphical user interface (GUI).

Lower your costs
and save time


faster processing time


accuracy score


costs reduction

*KPIs measured in the user acceptance tests

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Success stories

“After five months of great experience with Natural Language Processing the experts from Credit Office together with Uhura Solutions were able to present the results to RBI´s Innovation Board. Our experiment was carefully observed by RBI´s Elevator Lab sponsors and finally attracted high attention in the financial community. With these results it will be able to substantially speed up the loan process. The first step on the moon is done – now it´s time to prepare for the flight to Mars.”

“Their platform brings AI automation into business with smart, document-processing technology. Kiss goodbye to the days of manually processing documents for hours on end – Uhura platform’s intelligent ‘cognitive analysis’ document-reading process emulates the methods that our own brains use to process information.”

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